Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts
  • Automatic recycle free pollution sand blasting machinery

    Automatic recycle free pollution sand blasting machinery

    Vacuum dustless automatic recovery sandblaster feature an integrated blast pot,

    media vacuum recovery system, and dust collection all in a single compact unit

    (consists of suction blast machine with remote control, blast hose, blast head assembly,

    reclaimer & separator and pneumatically generated abrasive recovery system, dust collector and cart).

    it is widely used for descaling, surface texturing, and paint preparation, mainly used to clean rust removing at oil field

    container renew, etc, and pneumatically generated abrasive recovery system makes it to be used without dust and disposal problem.
    Blast and recovery systems can be used to simultaneously blast and recover (closed circuit blasting) or can be used for open air blast and then subsequent abrasive clean-up.
    Simultaneous blast and recovery eliminates dust clouds, poor visibility and costly clean-up.

    The capability of independent blast and recovery makes the BRS a productive and versatile tool suitable to many different applications.
    Vacuum Blasting is ideal for big objects such as ship hulls, large tanks and concrete bridge surfaces.

  • Automatic tracked type sand blasting machine

    Automatic tracked type sand blasting machine

    Automatic tracked sand blasting machine 


    1..Automatic control .automatic blasting sand with regular blasting sand.jog positioning etc functions


    3.Novel design ,elegant ,simple structure,and easy to operation


    4.Front drum .easy to change and take work pieces


    5. The machine recovered sand by transmission/bucket elevator method ,can use any sand (like steel grit ,steel shot etc hard sand)


    6 With same nozzle diameter ,the efficiency of pressure sandblasting machine is 3-5times than common suction sand blasting machine

  • Automatic sandblast cabinet for small parts

    Automatic sandblast cabinet for small parts

    • the sand materials is blast by high speed rotary impeller on the plastic products to remove the burr, flake, and convex in the hole of products
    • the blasting strength is controlled by the frequency changer on the control panel.
    • this machine is equipped with a shock screen and delicate circulatory system, the sand materials can be recycled.
    • the fine burr and sand materials can be collected into dust collector, the bigger ones can be filtered by the screen.
    • It is equipped with anti-static motor and nozzle, reducing burr and powder adhesion and prolong the material’s life.
    • the blasting room is formed with band conveyor, and is covered the rubber.
    • it can be customized according to product’s need.
    • the material’s using depend on the products
  • Custom High quality Roller Automatic turntable sandblaster equipment HST-101

    Custom High quality Roller Automatic turntable sandblaster equipment HST-101


    1. This equipment can be designed with 7 spray guns. Adjustable 360 ​​degrees to ensure uniform sandblasting on the surface of the product.There is no dead angle

    2. The biggest feature of this equipment is that the large turntable rotates continuously,

    there is no intermittent stop in the middle, and the blasting efficiency is greatly improved. It is the first choice for large and medium-sized standard workpieces.

    3. The large turntable rotates continuously, the stepless frequency conversion is adjustable, and it is adjusted according to the customer’s sandblasting requirements.

  • 6 Blasting guns Automatic Belt sandblasting equipment

    6 Blasting guns Automatic Belt sandblasting equipment

    It is suitable for large-scale processing or casting of small parts (aluminum zinc die casting, forging parts), rust removal, descaling, bremsstrahlung, water marks, etc;
    Applicable sand for crawler sandblasting machine:
    Blasting abrasive :
    Alumina, golden steel sand, glass ball, walnut sand, resin sand, fine steel ball, steel sand, stainless steel ball, aluminum ball, etc;
  • Piston air compressor

    Piston air compressor

    KB series industrial high pressure air compressor is used in pneumatic lock

    pneumatic tool , tire inflation , blowing process, spray paint

    sand blasting and fluidic element.Powerful type big head design, use good  enough material.

    Strengthening design for the main components, dimension of the handpiece

    weight all more than other factories, high safety, and low speed

    particularly suitable for heavy duty,long time continuous operation

    particularly high reliability and long service life. Especially air cooling design and air flow design

    low exhaust temperature.not easy to carbon deposition and high efficiency.

  • Glass blasting machine

    Glass blasting machine

    Sandblasting machine

    Material: 3.5 mm thick cold rolled steel plate
    Dimensions: 1400mm * 1400mm * 1900mm
    Working cabin size: 1400mm * 1400mm * 800mm
    Dust collection box size: 1300mm * 850mm * 2150mm
    Dust removal fan: 3000W 380V 50HZ
    Large turntable: 850 × 15mm thick, speed: 5 turns / min
    Large turntable designed for fixed speed
    Small turntable: 100 × 10mm thick
    The speed is: 0-40 / min
  • Conveyor belt automatic Sand blasting Equipment Pan plate sandblasting machine

    Conveyor belt automatic Sand blasting Equipment Pan plate sandblasting machine

    Gun number: 8 pcs
    Conveyor width:1- 2m (Could be customiz)
    Operation type: Automatic

    This kind of transmission automatic sandblasting machine suitable for limestone,marble,granite,sand stone etc

    Automatic transmission sandblasting machine
    For mass cleaning of stone.marble,granite
    With automatic conveyer belt

    Blasting Gun: This series of machines is equipped with 2-50 sets of spray guns.
    Each spray gun has separate control
    It can reduce the sand material attached to the workpiece after processing.
    It can be designed according to the size of the customer’s workpiece and the shape and output.
    It can also be equipped with wet dust collecting equipment according to the customer’s workpiece requirements.

    Spray gun and gun rack, can be placed according to the size of the workpiece, and can be rotated 360 degrees, so that various
    workpieces can be sandblasted


  • 2021 New type Automatic drum type sandblasting machinery

    2021 New type Automatic drum type sandblasting machinery

    Automatic sandblasting machine comes with Roll and Turntable

    It could be Automatic blasting or by Hand . it suitbable small parts like screws etc also suitable for blasting heavy parts like molds
    1. It can automatically blast sand at the time and jog the positioning function;
    2. The work-piece is easy to load and unload, easy to operate, and saves human resources;
    3. The size of the roller and the gun can be designed according to the customer’s requirement;
    4. Suitable for mass production of small work-pieces, such as zipper heads, screwdriver bits, drill bits, etc.
    5. Drum Loading Weight:15-20kg

    The roller can be automatically adjusted, according to the different work-piece rotation speed,
    and lined with silicone skin to prevent work-piece collision and injury, the roller can also be customized according to the size of the work-piece and the hole;
    With automatic blasting, automatic blowing, dusting timing indicator warning, stop and other functions;
    Adopt automatic lifting gun frame, the spray gun can choose 1-4 guns,
    the spray gun has separate control, and has two functions of manual and automatic;
    Cyclone separation type, automatic recovery and recycling of sand materials,
    automatic separation of sand and dust to reduce the consumption of sand materials, easy to control using sand grain size

    The machine has two working modes: manual and automatic
    This series of models can be customized with 3-4 guns for non-standard models;
    Applicable abrasives: brown corundum, corundum, glass beads, etc.; if pressurized, metal abrasives such as steel grit and steel pill can be used.
    Uses: Suitable for batch processing of a large number of small work-pieces. For example: Bake-lite products,
    screw nuts, drill bits, wire taps, batch heads, zipper heads, mobile phone accessories, acrylic, plastic products, copper, aluminum and other products.