Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts
  • Suction Sandblasting Machinery for blasting Long and big Parts

    Suction Sandblasting Machinery for blasting Long and big Parts

    Scope of application:


    All kinds of Arts and crafts, plastics, hardware, furniture, ornaments surface polishing, sandblasting to remove scratches

    improve roughness, improve adhesion, clean the surface; casting parts, stamping parts, heat treatment parts to scale, rust, parts renovation; polishing and matte.

    all metal products, glass, plastic crafts, jewelry, glasses, watches, can also be used for spraying, electroplating pre-treatment In order to improve the adhesion of coating (plating) surface and all surface treatment

    Use sand material:

    BAGUAN Abrasives perennial supply: brown corundum sand, glass sand, silicon carbide glass, walnut sand, resin sand, emery, alumina sand, steel sand, steel balls, plastic particles (nylon sand), ceramic beads, etc.

  • High Pressure Sandblasting Equipment for blasting mould/Motor parts

    High Pressure Sandblasting Equipment for blasting mould/Motor parts

    1.24″ long rubber gloves resist wear and protect operator.

    2. Dust-proof light for extraordinary visibility.

    3. Safety interlocks interrupt blasting if the door is opened.

    4. Steel plate welded construction, with properly formed bends, forms a rigid, long-lasting cabinet shell.

    5. Glass view window, exchangeable. 6. Pressure regulator, gauge, and electric switch mounted within easy reach.

    7. One Pressure blast gun with boron carbide nozzle dia 8mm.

    8. Built-in blow-off gun helps keep dust inside the cabinet.

    9. Pneumatic foot pedal switch for activating blasting.

    10. Dry filter Dust colletor: Manually filter cleaning.

    11.Air source Pressure 8bar(kg/cm2); Flow 1.5-2m3/min

  • Dry Abrasive sandblast cabinet

    Dry Abrasive sandblast cabinet


    Abrasive sandblast cabinets suitable for surface treatment of all products of metal, plastic and glass ect .
    removing oxide skin. residues burrs and scratches can be used for decoration light .matte and strengthen management ,

    Advantage :
    There are cyclone separation system and dust removal system , separator will separate the
    abrasive from bust .and dust removal system can deal with and collect the    emit useless dust ,dust remove effect of good
    .reduce the cost of abrasive and improve efficiency .and there is no environmental pollution .

    Blasting media :White Aluminum Oxide . Brown Aluminum Oxide . Glass Beads

  • Suction abrasive sandblaster with turntable

    Suction abrasive sandblaster with turntable

    Suction abrasive sandblaster with turntable Applicatons This machine are suitable for blasting heavy workpieces,like various types of mold, statue,casting pieces,motors,aluminum wheels,wheel blades,ect. Features 1.Have turned desktop sandblasting machine characteristic; 2.Specialrailcarttothedesign,canhangontheheavywork,isveryconvenient,energy; 3.Cartwheel,accordingtocustomerreinforcement; 4.Maybebasedoncustomerdemand,selectmanualorautomaticrotarytables. 5.The special designed manual cart,can...
  • Suction type dry Sand Blasting machine with Turntable

    Suction type dry Sand Blasting machine with Turntable


    • This heavy duty sandblasting machine is suitable for heavy workpieces, such as various types of molds, trees, statues, castings, motors, etc.
    • Specially designed manual carts (electric carts), convenient and efficient. The operation and

    maintenance are easy to learn.

    • May be based on customer demand, select manual or automatic rotary tables.
  • Suction dry sandblast cabinet

    Suction dry sandblast cabinet

    Dry sand blast cabinet with dust collect ,sperator ,blast gun with nozzle ,gloves

    blasting media : aluminum oxide glass

    dry sand blast cabinet are suitable for surface treatment of all products of metal, plastic and glass ect .
    removing oxide skin. residues burrs and scratches can be used for decoration light .matte and strengthen
    management , There are cyclone separation system and dust removal system , separator will separate the
    abrasive from bust .and dust removal system can deal with and collect the emit useless dust .and can vibrating
    clean up dust automatically .dust remove effect of good .reduce the cost of abrasive and improve efficiency .
    and there is no environmental pollution .
    Blasting media :White Aluminum Oxide . Brown Aluminum Oxide . Glass Beads

    Outside size (L*W*L mm)
    CABIN size(L*W*L mm)
    HST6050EA 960*650*1520 600*500*520
    HST7660EA 1050*810*1580 760*600*520
    HST9060EA 1050*950*1580 900*600*580
    HST9080EA 1250*950*1580 900*800*580
    HST1010EA 1420*1050*1900 1000*1000*800
    HST1212EA 1620*1250*2000 1200*1200*800
    Power supply: 220V(380V). 50HZ
    Lighting: flood light incandescent lamp 220V, 13W
    Separator motor: 220V, 50HZ, 0.75KW
    Compressed air supply: Dry and clean compressed air with pressure
    at 2.8-7bar(kg/cm2) and flow of 0.5-1.1m3/min
    Dust removal: Bag-type dust collector, powder clearance
    by compressed air vibration
    There is a Thermostatic heating device in drying automatically to prevent abrasive from breathing

    1)Picture of sandblast back



    Remark :we could produce as customers’ requirpments , make right side opening door ,left side opening door ,front opening door ,or top opening door etc

    2) The main parts of the machine:


    3) work pieces before and after sand blasting


  • Dry sandblast machine with turntable

    Dry sandblast machine with turntable

    Dry sandblast machine with turntable

    Suitable for blasting heavy workpieces, such as various types of mold, tree, statue, castings, motor, and so on.

    Specially designed manual carts (electric carts), can be cart add turntable sandblasting cabin,

    convenient and quick. Operation and maintenance easy to learn.


    1. Have turned desktop sandblasting machine characteristic;
    2. Special rail cart to the design, can hang on the heavy work, is very convenient, energy;
    3. Cart wheel, according to customer reinforcement;
    4. May be based on customer demand, select manual or automatic rotary tables.
    Suitable for: each of the heavy workpiece sandblasting: such as all kinds of mould, computer shell mould, gravity, pressure
    Force mould and so on the large scale workpiece sandblasting

    Model Number Cart ID(mm) Weight(kg) Left Door Size(mm)
    HST9080FTA 600 160 Up500*down700*high560
    HST9080TA 600 160 Up500*down700*high560
    HST1010FTA 700 150 Wide650*high780
    HST1010TA 700 150 Wide650*high780
    HST1212FTA  800 160 Wide750*high780
    HST1212TA 800 160 Wide750*high780

    Power supply: 220 V50Hz;
    The machine floodlight: 220 V13W energy-saving lamps;
    320 kg net weight: machine; Bearing: 100 kg;
    turntableSeparator motor: 220 V50Hz550W;
    Air separator: 8.5 cubic meters/min;
    Compressed air source: 2 - 8 bar
     Back picture of Turntable sandblast machine