Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts

Automatic Sandblast machine for Blasting marble, glass, iron plate, steel plate

1.This series of machine for plane automatic transmission type sandblasting machine, transmission speed available frequency conversion digital control

Sandblasting speed, processing quality is stable, simple operation.

2. Put the workpiece on the conveyor belt during operation, and the sandblasting operation is completed automatically, which is very simple and more convenient.

3 Spray gun swing radian can be adjusted size.

4 Spray gun and spray gun rack, can be placed according to the size of the workpiece, and can do 720 degrees rotation, so that all kinds of workpiece sandblasting processing.

5.Equipped with large dust removal machine and special abrasive and dust cyclone separator, can separate abrasive and dust, can reduce abrasive consumption, environmental pollution. Abrasives can be recycled automatically.

6 This series machine is equipped with 2-10 groups of spray guns, each spray gun has a separate control, equipped with 2-12 blow clean guns, can reduce the processing of the workpiece attached with sand material.

7 According to the customer’s work piece size, shape and output and design suitable for this product special machine, this machine can also be equipped with wet dust collection equipment according to the customer’s work piece demand.

8.The whole machine adopts Siemens PLC integrated control, simple and convenient operation.

9 Dust removal using automatic pulse dust removal, with 9-16 advanced precision filter elements, absolutely meet the requirements of environmental protection.

10. The use of sand materials: alumina sand (corundum sand), silicon carbide (green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide)

glass beads, walnut silicon, resin sand, plastic particles (nylon sand), ceramic beads, steel beads, steel sand, stainless steel beads, aluminum beads, etc.

11.USES: suitable for ceramic tile, marble, glass, iron plate, steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum profile, computer host shell, laptop computer shell skeleton, stone, etc.

Post time: Mar-09-2021