Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts

Automatic transmission Sandblasting machine Applicable Scope

For plate, plate, box, profile and other special-shaped workpiece sandblasting processing, such as: flat stainless steel plate, ordinary steel, glass steel, stone, titanium, pan, toast oven, computer case, functionality, DVD panel, notebook, computer motherboard, iron plate, decorative, advertising badge, communications equipment, aluminum plate, etc.

This sandblasting machine is a conveyor type automatic sandblasting machine, which can be specially designed and manufactured according to the product characteristics of your company. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high efficiency, different particle size sand can be replaced according to different process requirements, sand automatic cycle use, cost saving and so on.

Due to the potential risk of fire accidents caused by sparks in the dust collector, it is necessary to avoid mixing combustible materials such as polishing flannelette, paper, wood dust and magnesium powder with the dust generated during the grinding process of ferrous metals.

Under no circumstances, equipment operators are allowed to throw unburned cigarettes or other burning objects into dust control suction hoods or ducts.

In order to be cautious, users of JCK equipment should consult and comply with the national and local fire codes or other relevant codes when determining the installation location of the precipitator and before putting it into operation.

In the case that the dust collector is used to collect combustible or explosive dust, the dust collector must be installed outside the plant. In addition, it is necessary to consult the fire equipment installation personnel who are familiar with such fire accidents and local fire regulations, and recommend and install the corresponding fire-fighting equipment. The dust collector itself is not equipped with fire-fighting equipment.

In some cases, it is necessary to set vent. For this purpose, consult the insurer or consult the National Fire Protection Association Manual to determine the appropriate explosion area ratio. For the dust control equipment installed in the workshop, its upper vent must be led to the outdoor to minimize the possibility of secondary explosion. Therefore, please consult the relevant departments to determine the appropriate venting method. When ordering, if there is no special requirement, the dust remover usually does not include explosion relief door.

The cartridge dust collector is suitable for dust removal places under natural temperature to collect suspended dust and particles. Whether it is used for air pollution control or as a part of the production process, the cartridge dust collector can ensure efficient and continuous dust collection.

Post time: Sep-20-2020