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How to Remove Rust with a Sand Blaster

Sandblasting rust from a car will make it easier to restore and paint. You can use different types of media to sandblast, depending on the metal of the car and the size of the surface. Sandblasting is a necessity before you begin to restore

  • Remove debris from a large workspace that is big enough for the car.

  • 2

    Wear a breathable hood or goggles and a mask to prevent sand getting into your lungs.

  • 3

    Determine how much rust needs to be removed, and choose a sandblaster large enough to facilitate the size.

  • 4

    Use sand to blast most car bodies, but substitute plastic granules if you are sandblasting fiberglass.

  • 5

    Run the sandblaster over the paint and rust on the car to reveal the car's primer.

Post time: Nov-10-2020