Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts

Principle and Classification of Vibration Grinder (1)

Processing object :

Vibration grinding machines are used in bicycles, aluminum die-casting parts, zinc die-casting parts,

furniture hardware, clothing hardware, luggage hardware, glasses accessories, clock and watch accessories,

locks, electronic accessories, all kinds of jewelry, jewelry, powder metallurgy, resin, etc.; for stainless steel ,

Iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, magnesium alloy and other materials are stamped, die-cast, cast, forged, and are targeted at wire,

ceramic, jade, coral, synthetic resin, plastic, porcelain and other materials for surface polishing, chamfering, and deburring. Rust removal, rough polishing, precision polishing, gloss polishing.


Mechanical Features
1. It can grind and process a large number of workpieces at a time, and spot check the processing conditions of the parts at any time.

The operation is automated and unmanned. The operation is simple and convenient. One person has multiple machines, which greatly improves work efficiency and corporate profits.
2. The inner lining is divided into rubber and high wear-resistant PU polyurethane elastomer (its wear resistance is 3-5 times that of rubber),

the thickness is 8-15mm, and the service life is long.
3. Adopt spiral tumbling flow and three-dimensional vibration principle to make parts and tumbling abrasive grind each other.
4. The original size and shape of the part will not be destroyed during the processing, and the original shape and dimensional accuracy of the part will not be destroyed after grinding.




Post time: Nov-21-2020