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Steel rust water sandblasting machine classification, how to purchase?

There are a lot of rust removal equipment on the market, but if the degree of environmental protection, or water sandblasting machine is more appropriate, but some partners in the purchase of water sandblasting machine encountered problems, how to choose the right water sandblasting machine? The following three ultra-small series with you introduce the water sandblasting machine types, teach you how to choose water sandblasting machine.



There are currently three types of water sandblasting equipment on the market:


1.The water sandblasting equipment is transformed from the traditional dry sandblasting equipment, that is to say, the spray gun is changed into a dry-wet dual-purpose head, and water is added at the same time of sandblasting, that is, the sand belt water is combined. This kind of water sandblasting machine is simple to use, to the worker request is not high, change a gun head to be able to construct. But this kind of equipment can only solve the purpose of environmental protection dust, can not be used in the explosion-proof tank anti-corrosion place (even if the equipment is not in the safe area, mainly because less water and more sand) .

2.Evolved from high pressure cleaning equipment. That is to say, under the modification of the gun head, the sand particles are sucked by the negative pressure produced by the high-pressure water jet. This equipment is often said water sandblasting machine, water with sand (sand is 1/10 of water) . If have not been used before this kind of water sandblasting machine recommended to buy 500 kg of water sandblasting machine, low price, is the entry-level products. Such as the use of water sandblasting equipment recommended the use of higher pressure water sandblasting equipment, so that high efficiency, can be directly high suction sand, reduce labor, improve efficiency.

3.From a high-pressure sprayer. This type of equipment is more expensive than the first two types, and the price ranges from 12 to 180,000. However, this type of equipment is highly efficient and is particularly suitable for large-scale construction or long-term tank corrosion protection companies.


Water sandblasting machine is one of the better environmental protection equipment at present, its uses are also very extensive, for example: steel structure anticorrosion, tank cleaning and anticorrosion, traffic sign line cleaning, cleaning building formwork, concrete mixing transport equipment; Wall, road surface cleaning; anti-corrosion and rust removal; paint rust removal and oxide skin cleaning and so on. And it is purely physical cleaning, use of time does not need to add any chemical reagent.

Post time: Jul-01-2021