Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts

The role of sand blasting machine and shot blasting machine

Sand blasting equipment play an important role in the process, of course, there are many other industries, many products have been used in sand blasting machine to handle.

Sand-blasting machine is the use of compressed air, the sand, high-speed hit by gun nozzle where the surface corrosion products, in order to achieve the effect to get rid of rust. Sand-blasting rust effects not only fast way, but also for the subsequent electroplating, anodizing, painting, coating, spraying and other steps to make the conditions.

Blast-treated surface clean, roughness, thereby enhancing the coating's adhesion with the surface of the product, so no doubt improve the coating, anodizing, painting and plating efficiency. Abrasive blasting is shot blasting, abrasive ball fall to the other motor driven by the rapid rotation of the impeller, the impeller by centrifugal force operating speed throw to,

so that the sand material of high-speed, hit the abrasive surface of the product, it reached the purpose of removing rust rust. This method of high efficiency, greater efforts to crack down on the surface, blow point is deeper. Effect is Jiejing after being hit is very high. Of course, the shot blasting of the product, the sand is very abrasive material requirements, such as higher workpiece hardness, grit hardness conditions.

Post time: Nov-10-2020