Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts

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  • Advantages of liquid sand blasting machine

    Advantages of liquid sand blasting machine

    With the requirements of the industrial environment, more and more customers choose liquid sand blasting machine instead of dry sand blasting machine liquid sand blasting machine is widely used in: aerospace, electronics, metal, metal, mold, chemical machinery and so on, can be used for processin...
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  • Automatic transmission Sandblasting machine Applicable Scope

    For plate, plate, box, profile and other special-shaped workpiece sandblasting processing, such as: flat stainless steel plate, ordinary steel, glass steel, stone, titanium, pan, toast oven, computer case, functionality, DVD panel, notebook, computer motherboard, iron plate, decorative, advertisi...
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  • The steps of how to use Dry type sandblast cabinet

    Dry sandblasting machine can remove rust and smooth the surface of work piece by sandblasting. (1) open the working hatch of the sandblasting machine, load the abrasive, add 10kg at a time, and close the working hatch. (2) press the power switch. (3) turn on the start up switch of exhaust fan. (4...
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