Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts
  • Portable Abrasive Deadman Control Sandblasting machinery 300L

    Portable Abrasive Deadman Control Sandblasting machinery 300L

    Portable Grit Sand blasting machine with blasting hose 

    Pressure sand blasting pot are suitable for long time continuous operation,such as profiles .steel pre-treatment.pipes.tanks rust and container re-furbishment

    Pressure sandblast machine has many different models to choose:manual control,pneumatic control and electric control,single gun or more guns.

    Coming with sandblast hose ,sandblast nozzle ,nozzle holder ,and sandblast clothes ,


  • Pipe inner wall sand blaster

    Pipe inner wall sand blaster

    Pipe inner wall sand blaster

    Mainly used in the field of oil drill ,plane ,shipping, automobile, Chemical industry and
    build engineering 2) better to used to de-rust on the inner-wall of pipes Between
    diameter 80-300mm with cleaning grades to Sa 2.5 3) Grinding materials matched
    with the cleaner : shot ,or sand 4) Abrasive grain mesh :2.5 and 10(0.7mm and 2mm)

    Different models as following :

    MOdel for pipe(mm) Air consumption volume m3/min Pressure Mpa Abrasive (mm) Outside size(mm) Weight kg
    HST-250 60-250 3.1 0.5-0.7 1 140×350 4
    HST-450 200-400 6 0.5-0.7 1.2 200×520 10
    HST-900 400-800 8.5 0.5-0.7 1.5 350×700 28
  • Pressure sand blast pot 200L

    Pressure sand blast pot 200L

    Portable sand blast pot 200L

    1) suitable for long time continuous operation,such as profiles .steel pre-treatment.pipes.
    tanks rust and container re-furbishment

    Spare parts :Coming with sandblast hose ,sandblast nozzle ,nozzle holder ,and sandblast clothes

    Main technical 

    Sandblast pot                   1set

    Tank diameter                  500mm

    Tank volume                   200L / 0.2m3

    Blast gun No.                    1pc

    Nozzle dia                     8mm

    Compress air                    5-8kg/cm2

    Air consumption               1m3/min(1 gun )

    3) Abrasive size                    0.1-1.2mm
    Abrasive type           Steel grit ,steel shot ,aluminum oxide ,garnet

  • Heavy duty sand blasting machine 900L

    Heavy duty sand blasting machine 900L

    Heavy duty pneumatic Sandblast machinery

    Suitable for traditonal corrosion resistance operation such as marine repair, rust removal of piping and tank body,renewal of container etc.

    Detailed Product Description 
    Tank diameter                  800mm
    Tank volume                 900L / 0.9m3
    Loading abrasive             Grit 800-1000kgs
    Height of tank                 1650mm
    Weight of tank                  680kg
    Blast Nozzle  No.           1pc
    Nozzle dia                     8/10mm
    Blasting hose:              18m length 32mm
    Compress air                 5-8kg/cm2   mm(5-8bar)
    Air consumption            3.2m3/min 22KW 30HP(1 gun )
    Using Abrasive :  steel grit ,steel shot (0.1-1.2mm) ,corundum (18-24 mesh)
    Control type :Pneumatic control .

    Sand blastng machines working outside