Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts
  • Hook type shot blasting machine

    Hook type shot blasting machine

    Product Description

    Frequency inverter for rolls conveyor, blast wheel, abrasive recycling system, digital control panel,

    optional customized automatic loading and unloading system , dust collector.

    This machine is for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of small castings, forging parts in industry of foundry, building, chemical,

    motor, machine tool etc. It is special for surface cleaning and blasting strengthening on various types

    small production castings, forging parts and steel construction parts for clearing little viscous sand

    sand core and oxide skin. It is also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening on heat treatment parts, especially for cleaning slightness, thin wall parts which is not suitable for impact.

  • Shot Blasting Machine Parts Points Pill /Blades/Abrasive

    Shot Blasting Machine Parts Points Pill /Blades/Abrasive

    Points pill of Shot blasting machine is the role of wheel abrasive according to certain request right assigned to the blade

    points the pills round opening once serious wear and abrasive will hit the end of the blade, blade abnormal wear,

    abrasive divergent flow will become no rules, to periodically check points according to the requirements of specification pill wheel wear in time for wear serious maru “.


    Directional set of opening position determine pill abrasive divided leaf position, turn the orientation on the shape of the mouth shape affects the divergence of abrasive and the size of hot spots

    is spread abrasive abrasive is concentrated on the surface of a region, caused by abrasive distribution on the blade

    the adjustable orientation set of positioning can be as appropriate to the wear and tear on opening adjustment.ensure that threw the shot blasting machine head work under the operation of the materials issue.


    Behind the head of blade and abrasive direct contact, its quality is closely related to throw the head performance.

    wear resistance of the blade directly decides the service life of blade and shot blasting machine running cost

    throw the head of blade is to use high wear-resisting material, wear resistance of the blade out of the associated with the material of blade

    closely associated with working conditions of shot blasting machine.

  • Shot blasting impeller

    Shot blasting impeller

    Shot blasting impeller

    Direct Shot is a new, efficient blast wheel, with beautiful appearance, compact structure, low noise

    energy saving and environmental protection features

    MOdel Diameter Speed Biggest shot blasting Power
    ZLQ034 380mm 2940r/min 120kg 7.5KW
    SQ033 400mm 2450r/min 180kg 11KW
    Q034B 380mm 2940r/min 250kg 15KW
  • Shot blasting plastic belt

    Shot blasting plastic belt

    The main ingredient

    Name Cover rubber components The glue material composition table
    Rubber belt of shot blasting machine Imports of natural rubber, butadiene rubber SinopecVulcanizing agents, accelerators, antioxidants,
    carbon black, Softening oil
    Polyester cotton canvas,
    cloth laminated rubber

    Main Technical 
    Hardness (Shore A) 63 ° C ± 3 ° C
    Tensile strength 20.0MPA
    Elongation at break of 500%
    Elasticity of 52%
    Wear 0.24CM3
    Tear strength 68.6KN / M
    The aging coefficients of (70 ° C/72H) 0.91
    Adhesion 48.2-31.36N/CM

    Be used on Track Shot blasting Machinery or Track Sand blasting machine