Sandblasting Cabinet Blasting Pot And Sandblaster Parts


    Specification :

    1.Natural rubber / vinyl blast gloves;

    2.Preforated steel flooring-adrasive large particle-separating and clean-out door;

    3.Powder coated inside and out;

    4.Extra-rugged, heavy duty production foot valve assembly,Built to blast with heavy steel  housing and high-production brass flow valve;

    5.Air regulator / gauge panel

    6.12 gauge steel legs(16 gauge panels);

    7.Eliminating typical suction pick-up tubes and hoses, media metering valve puts our economy;

    8.Series blast cabinets in a entirely different class from the competition;

    9.External flourescent lighting system. Packed in wooden case.

  • Portable Abrasive Sandblaster SB5 SB10 SB20

    Portable Abrasive Sandblaster SB5 SB10 SB20

    Acuum sandblaster 1200W motor power.

    reasonable sandblasting machine price.

    28gallon automatic sandblaster


    Item Name  28 Gallons Abrasive Sandblaster with Vacuum
    Item No.  W3010
    Air Consumption  6-22.5CFM & 115PSI
    Motor Power  1200W
    Air Inlet  1/22″-18Npt
    Tank Size  41″(H)*15″(I.D)
    Dimensions  102*46*51.5cm
    Phase  1
    G.W./N.W.  35/32KG
    QTY  110pcs/20″, 275pcs/40″



    1.Built-in vacuum eliminates the need for breathing apparatus;

    2.Separates abrasive from debris;

    3.Cuts clean-up time;

    4.Use with most blast media including silica,shot,and shell;

    5.Removable dust container. 

  • Bench top Sandblaster Cabinet Mini Sand Blaster SBC90 SBC100 SBC150

    Bench top Sandblaster Cabinet Mini Sand Blaster SBC90 SBC100 SBC150

    Bench top sandblast cabinet
    For use with glass beads, silica sand, alum oxide and more.
    Blast away dirt, rust, paint or any foreign build-up effortlessly.
    Portable enough to use on a workbench.
    Fluorescent light gives you better visibility.
    Sandblast cabinet comes with rubber gloves, blast gun,4 assorted ceramic nozzles, dust collector port, hoppe
    Customer needs prepare air compressor (7.5KW 10HP ) and abrasive (glass beads ,aluminum oxide ,or garnet ) for using the machine


    Model Work Area(cm) Overall Dim(cm) Pressure Area G.W/N.W(kg) Carton Size(cm) QTY20’/40’(pcs)
    SBC90 56*42 62*49*53 4-6kg.f/cm2 20/17 64*51*52 160/320
    SBC100 A 58*42 62*50*53 4-6kg.f/cm2 23/20 64*52*56 160/320
    SBC100B 58*42 62*50*53 4-6kg.f/cm2 26/22 64*52*56 160/320
    SBC150 64*54 69.5*58*62.5 4-6kg.f/cm2 28/25 71.5*60*64.5 81/170




  • Sandblasting gun with black ceramic nozzle  for Poratble sandblaster 5/10/15Gallon

    Sandblasting gun with black ceramic nozzle for Poratble sandblaster 5/10/15Gallon

    • Portable sandblaster SB10 Blasting gun with 4 ceramic nozzles
    • Include: blasting nozzle 4 pcs (2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm); a sandblaster gun
    • Occasion: be used on Portable Sandblaster (5 Gallon, 10 Gallon, 20 Gallon)
    • Material: the gun is made of steel, the nozzle is made of ceramic and rubber
    • Warm up: Use pressure: 3 ~ 5 bar (3 ~ 5 kg), Do not exceed 6 bar (6 kg)
    • This small air tool supports various sand blasting media like steel grit, glass beads, walnut shells, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and more.


  • Sand blaster SBC220

    Sand blaster SBC220

    1) Heavy steel construction, double door on the sides
    2) Transparent glass viewing window
    3) 40-80PSI @ 15-25CFM
    4) Working space: 60x84x63cm
    5) Overall dimension: 150cm(H)x83cm(L)x63cm(W)
    6) Electrical requirements of light: 115V/230V

    7) G.W/N.W:51/48kgs

    8) Loading details:20FT:63pcs, 40HQ:150pcs
    9) Maximum operation pressure: 125PSI
    Blast rust.corrosion and paint on large parts in a enclosed cabinet to keep dust off the floor and out of the air




  • Sand blaster SBC350

    Sand blaster SBC350

    1) Natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves
    2) Perforated steel flooring-abrasive
    3) large particle-separating screen
    4) clean-out door.
    5) Powder conted inside and outside
    6) Air regulator / gauge panel.
    7) 14 gauge steel legs (16 gauge panels)
    8) Eliminating typical suction pick-up tubes and hoses, media metering
    9) Series blast cabinets in an entirely different class from the compectition.
    10) Extemal flourescent lighting system,Packed in wooden case.
    11) Overall dimension: 100x61x163cm
    12) Work area: 94.5×60.5×60.5cm
    13) Air pressure range: 60PSI~120PSI
    14) Sand capacity: approx 40lb
    15) Abrasive media: silica sand, glass beads, silicon carbide, emery, plastic sand, etc.
    16) Power requirement: 110V,60Hz or 230V,50Hz
    17) Output voltage: 12V